Daily Living in Lent

Consider joining us at Shepherd of the Hills for Daily Living in Lent…


Set aside time for Prayer/Reflection each day during Lent:


 · Wondrous Love Devotions 

    Provides a devotion each day from Ash Wednesday through Holy Week. 


 · Wilderness Poetry Prayers

       A poem each week reflecting on a different type of wilderness space through which we may journey. 


 · Rough Stone—Smooth Stone

    The process a rock goes through to be polished is like the path we take through life. Select a rough stone and a smooth stone to ground you in your journey.


 · Pearls of Life (Prayer Beads)

    Our English word for bead comes from the Old English word gebed meaning prayer. Select or create a bracelet or key chain to use as a path through your prayers. 


Gather after worship for study of the Hebrew Prophets: 


       Wisdom. Courage. Vision.

These words describe the Prophets found in the Hebrew Scriptures. Divine love gave them the courage to condemn oppression and the imagination to envision an alternative future. 


 · Visit someone who is homebound or hospitalized.

     · Encourage someone to share their story with you.



     · Share parts of your story that others aren’t aware of.

  · Reflect on your story, looking for signs of God’s presence.    


Live in the word and bring hope to the world. 

Note that some activities are restricted during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

See details here.


   · Boulder Shelter for the Homeless 

Help prepare and serve a meal for the homeless in our community or donate to this important ministry. 


   · Make a donation to a local Food Pantry, Food Shelf, or Deacon's Closet  

Share from what you have to benefit those who are in need.


   · Help maintain our Community 

    Clean up a nearby park, street in your neighborhood, or trail cleanup.