Food Ministries

"Little Free Pantry"


Sponsored by Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

and Pardes Levavot Jewish Renewal Congregation


7077 Harvest Road @ 71st and Lookout Rd.

Boulder, Colorado 80301


At Shepherd of the Hills and Pardes Levavot, we work together to provide help for those in need. If you or someone you know is struggling with food insecurity, please stop by to access our "Little Free Pantry" in the Church/Synagogue parking lot. 


All pantry items are available 24/7 to anyone in need, whether for a moment or on an ongoing basis. The pantry is restocked regularly through the donations of both our members and our neighbors. 


Should you need additional assistance, please contact the Church Office at 303-530-4422 to request a conversation about how we might be able to help. Masks for in-person meetings are available in the Church Office, if needed.


May the One who calls us to care be with you,


Pastor Janet Kettering ~ Rabbi Victor Gross ~ Rabbi Nadya Gross

THANK YOU for supporting the Little Free Pantry! 


Current needed donations are:


  • Canned/Packaged meats, fish and protein
  • Peanut/almond butters
  • Canned fruits & vegetables
  • Complete boxed meals
  • Hearty soups
  • Spaghetti Sauces & Parmesan cheese
  • Cereals (preferably without added sugars)
  • Protein and snack bars
  • Fresh bakery items
  • 100% fruit juices & bottled water
  • Personal care products
  • Toilet paper
  • Canned or bagged pet foods


No home-canned items or leftovers are accepted. Please check your items to make sure they're not expired before donating!

THANK YOU to all those who contribute to our Food Shelf Ministry.

100% of your donations to these ministries are used to provide food and King Soopers gift cards to those who are struggling.